The Bird (L'Oiseau)

Sandrine Kiberlain (Mademoiselle Chambon), in her finest performance yet, stars in this elegant portrait of Anne; she is discreet, secretive, a mystery to herself. She does without love and it suits her fine. However, an unexpected encounter finds Anne making her way back upstream, and we watch her joy for life return.

Country of Origin: France Language: French w/ English subtitles Duration: 93 minutes Rating: To be confirmed Director: Yves Caumon Starring: Sandrine Kiberlain, Bruno Todeschini Australian release: 2013

4 STARS Impressively understated in last year’s Mademoiselle Chambon, the willowy Sandrine Kiberlain excels again in this delicate French drama.’ Total Film

‘A must-see for fans of quality art-house cinema.’ Metro (UK)