Summer Coda

In the vein of Bertolucci's Stealing Beauty, Richard Gray's SUMMER CODA is an Australian film with a decidedly unique setting — the stunning orange groves of sun-baked Mildura against the majestic backdrop of the Murray River. Rachael Taylor (Transformers, Bottle Shock, Cedar Boys) and Alex Dimitriades (The Heartbreak Kid, Head On) star in the romantic drama, supported by a strong ensemble cast including Susie Porter, Angus Sampson, Nathan Phillips, Cassandra Magrath and Jacki Weaver.

A romantic drama set amongst the stunning orange groves of sun-baked Mildura, along the majestic backdrop of the Murray River. Returning home to a family she‟s never known, Heidi (Rachael Taylor) is seeking closure. Busking for cash with her treasured violin, she catches the attention of orange grove owner Michael (Alex Dimitriades) and hitches a ride. Escaping to his orchard after a less than warming reception from her stepmother, Heidi finds unexpected feelings starting to blossom as she settles into work with the colourful citrus pickers. But Michael‟s wit and charm mask a wounded soul, and together they discover that in order to confront the future, their secrets and lives may be better shared.

Closure is just the beginning.

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Country of Origin: Australia Language: English Director: Richard Gray Starring: Rachael Taylor, Alex Dimitriades, Cassandra Magrath, Daniel Frederiksen, Angus Sampson, Nathan Phillips, Susie Porter, Jacki Weaver

Australian release date: 21 October 2010

New Zealand release date: 23 June 2011


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