Amos Oz: The Nature of Dreams

This eloquent and dynamic documentary is based on the autobiographical book A Tale of Love and Darkness. Directors Masha Zur Glozman and Yonathan Zur delve into the persona of Oz, picking up on the energy generated by his elegant response to the friction between the personal and political aspects of his life, they offer a rare window of opportunity to experience the world through the literary gaze of this great Israeli author; a man of whom it has been said, knows Israeli society inside and out, especially since he is an outsider, in a very profound sense, of all worlds. This is a journey that follows in the footsteps of the biographical, political and philosophical issues he has personally encountered and impacted on his life.

"A conflict begins and ends in the hearts and minds of people, not in the hilltops" - Amos Oz

Amoz Os is a profilic writer and journalist, strongly identified with the Israeli left and a prominent advocate for a two-state solution to the Israeli Palestinian conflict and a reasoned approach in evaluating Israel's history and politics.

Original Title: Amos Oz: The Nature of Dreams Country of Origin: Israel Language: Hebrew, English w/English subtitles Duration: 86 minutes Rating: G Director: Masha Zur Glozman, Yonathan Zur Featuring: Amos Oz, Paul Auster, Nadine Gordimer, Salmon Rushdie, Gadi Taub, Sari Nusseibeh

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Yonathan and Masha Zur’s fine documentary presents the eloquent and erudite Oz as very much a man of his time – Tom Ryan, The Age

Israel’s celebrated author Amos Oz is an inspirational figure – Dov Kornits, FILMINK

A thoughtful, evocative portrait , 3 stars – Philippa Hawker, The Age

I commend the film, not only to those interested in Israel’s history and politics, but to all those troubled by fanaticism and intolerance in any of their modern guises. – Evan Williams, The Australian

...a voice of reason and compassion...eloquent and engaging – Evan Williams, The Australian

I actually felt it was a great privilege to spend time with this man, a great humanist, a wonderful writer. – Margaret Pomeranz, At the Movies

This is one man committed to the future of his country.  It’s an illuminating documentary and a very moving one, 4 stars- Margaret Pomeranz, At the Movies

3 stars – David Stratton, At the Movies