Love, ETC.


Writers: Dodine Henry, Julian Barnes
Starring: Charlotte Gainsbourg, Yvan Attal, Charles Berling, Élodie Navarre
Duration: 105 mins

Directed by: Marion Vernoux

A triangle: love, obsession, and choice. Pierre, a ladies' man who has little cash and no fixed residence, describes his best friend Benoît as the world's oldest 32-year-old. The shy, well-employed Benoît's life changes when he answers the personal ad of Marie, a 25-year-old who restores paintings. He's attracted to her and she likes his steady calm and his honest attention. They're soon a couple, and they include Pierre in their dinners, outings, and trips. What will happen when Pierre realizes that he too is in love with Marie?

Lust and Revenge


Writers: Paul Cox, John Clarke
Starring: Claudia Karvan, Nicholas Hope, Gosia Dobrowolska
Duration: 95 mins

Directed by: Paul Cox

Life has not been kind to the heiress Georgina (Claudia Karvan) who, after a failed marriage and a morally bereft, corrupt family environment is frequently seeing her psychiatrist. To take her mind off her troubles she and her friend Lily (Victoria Eagger) devise a scheme to get a man to pose for them, naked and at their beck and call, while Lily ostensibly sculpts an imitation of Michelangelo’s David.  Georgina’s father (Chris Haywood) encourages this activity, foreseeing both a healthy tax deduction when he donates the sculpture to the National Gallery (part of which he has funded) and the instantly elevated artistic status of his daughter’s friend. In this erotic satire, each individual is seeking love and each journeys to their own sexual awakening, yet in the process, all are manipulated and exploited by the power mongers of society at every level.



Writer: Terry Zwigoff
Starring: Robert Crumb, Aline Kominsky-Crumb, Charles Crumb, Jack Harrington
Duration: 120 mins

Directed by: Terry Zwigoff

Crumb is about the experiences and characters of Robert Crumb and his family, particularly his brothers, Maxon and Charles, as well as Robert's wife Aline Kominsky-Crumb and his children.

The movie chronicles Crumb's career, highlighting his creations "Keep On Truckin'" and Fritz the Cat, and his pioneering role in the genesis of underground comix. Interviews with his family members and ex-girlfriends (such as Kathy Goodell), and commentary from critics like Robert Hughes and Trina Robbins, as well as selections from Crumb's vast artist output, shed light on Crumb's psychology and darkly cynical perspective on life.

Portraits emerge as well of older brother Charles, who committed suicide before the film was released, and youngest brother Maxon, a panhandler who painted to assuage his inner demons. Though filmmaker Zwigoff had the consent of the Crumb brothers, some questioned the ability of the more disturbed brothers to provide that consent. The involvement of Charles and Maxon, which Zwigoff felt was just as important to Robert's story as anything else, led Zwigoff to title the film Crumb to imply the importance of all three brothers.


Cross My Heart (La Fracture Du Myocarde)


Writer: Jacques Fansten
Starring: Sylvain Copans, Nicolas Parodi, Olivier Montiege
Duration: 105 mins

Directed by: Jacques Fansten

Suddenly, Martin's behaviour changes radically. He doesn't talk or laugh any more. His schoolfellows discover, that his mother died some days ago. Now he is frightened of being sent to orphanage. His schoolfellows help him to push up the situation …