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Much Ado About Nothing

FOUR STARS“Very funny…ranks with [Joss Whedon’s] best work.” – Jake Wilson, The Age

“The liveliest and most purely delightful movie this year” – New York Times

FIVE STARS “Nothing short of sublime” – Alice Tynan, Limelight

FIVE STARS “Heaven on screen” – Financial Times

FIVE STARS – Chris Tookey, The Daily Mail


FOUR STARS “Nathan Fillion is comedy gold”Andrew Street, Sunday Herald Sun/Telegraph/Mail

FOUR STARS “Whedon and Shakespeare are a perfect match” – Empire

FOUR STARS “A transcendent Shakespeare rom com” – Time Out Melbourne/Sydney

FOUR STARS “Sly, sexy and smart” – The Times

FOUR STARS “Second to none” – The Guardian

FOUR STARS “Amy Acker is a revelation, I don’t think I’ve seen anyone play the part better” – Independent

FOUR STARS – Quickflix

“It’s hard to think of a more refreshing take on Shakespeare… Great fun, worth seeking out.” Ed Gibbs, Sunday Age/Herald

“This is a film you want to go to the movies for.” – Street Press Australia

“Funny, smart and deftly made” – FILMINK

FOUR STARS “Witty, Charming, Delightfully Performed” – Sunday Express

FOUR STARS “A wonderful take on a classic”– Sunday Mirror

FOUR STARS “Charming, Witty, Heartfelt” – Total Film

“This is the funniest Shakespeare film I can recall” – Lou Lumenick, New York Post

“The first great contemporary Shakespeare since Baz Luhrmann’s Romeo and Juliet” – The Guardian

“Everyone should see this movie” – IGN

“Utter joy” – Christopher Schobert, Indiewire

“One of the funniest Shakespeare films in ages” – Hollywood Reporter

“Inspired” – Variety

“You’ve never seen Shakespeare done like this” – Dave Aldridge, BBC Radio 5 Live

Much Ado About Nothing is a triumph of charm and wit…see it, fall in love with it” – Badass Digest

“Whedon and Shakespeare are truly a match made in heaven” – Tom Clift, Moviedex

“Whedon’s actors own their performances in a way that feels current despite the centuries-old text in which they’re based.” – Slash Film

“If you’re a fan of Shakespeare, Whedon or just a good old-fashioned romantic comedy, Much Ado About Nothing delivers.” – Slash Film

“A host of Whedon veterans puts on one of the funniest Shakespeare films in ages.” – Hollywood Reporter

“The smoothest and most enjoyable of all Shakespeare comedies on film.” – New York magazine

“Whedon’s precise reading makes the play, once again, a new thing.” – Film Comment

“Much Ado About Nothing” is an absolute delight, as merry as the day is long.” – NY Daily News

“Much Ado About Nothing is a delightfully spirited romp, filled with visual splendor, strong performances and flashes of post-modern absurdity.” – USA Today


You Ain’t Seen Nothin’ Yet! (Vous n’avez encore rien vu)

FOUR STARS “French director Alain Resnais, who’s just turned 91, is still vigorous, playful and exhilarating, skilfully reworking past and present, new technologies and traditional art forms… You Ain’t Seen Nothin’ Yet is a melancholy, layered, rich, stylised work, poignant and quietly surprising.– Philippa Hawker, The Age

FOUR STARS The film is touching, but more than that it’s wise, witty and thought-provoking. – Geoff Andrew, Time Out London


Deceptively complex and genuinely moving… A-– AV Club

Digital technology meets lyrical drama and classical myth in this puckishly daring, intricately original work of docu-theatre from the ninety-year-old director Alain Resnais.” – Richard Brody, The New Yorker

Resnais undoubtably demonstrates his continuing power as a great cinematic auteur.” – Ginette Vincendeau, Sight & Sound

“A tour de force of directorial navigation in which Resnais suggests that the proper relation between the cinema and the theater is to throw it all together, take the best of both worlds and present it as pure showmanship.” – Andrew Schenker, Slant Magazine

“Resnais fitfully achieves a fully emotive, self-aware form of art that realizes his lifelong search for a cinema that refracts and translates the range of human experience and “experience” alike.– Andrew Schenker, Slant Magazine

“Movingly sincere and personal” – Little White Lies

You Ain’t Seen Nothin’ Yet is a veritable masterpiece on par with his major accomplishments.” – Boris Nelepo , Notebook

“Unashamedly experimental, the film is sumptuously, even rapturously mounted, with glowingly atmospheric photography by Eric Gautier, and imposingly protean design by Jacques Saulnier. (…) it’s still a film of bristling intelligence that will delight lovers of cerebral upmarket cinema.” – Jonathan Romney, Screen

The confluence of theater, memory and real life for a group of actors in an explicitly artificial world sparks rarefied aesthetic pleasures… this reflection on the past, love and death through the prism of layers of theatrical endeavour is both serious and frisky, engaging on a refined level… in all respects, the film is technically immaculate… – Todd McCarthy, The Hollywood Reporter

Complex yet lighthearted, as diverting as it is meditative.– NPR

“You Ain’t Seen Nothin’ Yet Contemporizes A Classic Text for Modern Set” – Village Voice

“Resnais, now 91 (!), still has the puckish sensibility of an artist a quarter his age.” – Village Voice

“The reunion and commemoration of these actors… represents only one of the many layers in what is perhaps the richest of Resnais’s recent efforts.” – Village Voice

“[You Ain’t Seen Nothin Yet!] both elucidates a classical text and, more significantly, contemporizes it for the modern cinema.– Village Voice

“You Ain’t Seen Nothin’ Yet! is the marvelously ironic English title of [Resnais’] newest completed film, a self-reflexive romp at the intersection of love, death, myth, theater, and cinema.” – Next Projection


Sleepwalk With Me

FOUR STARS – Time Out New York

‘A funny and insightful movie. I could have watched it for ten hours’ – Judd Apatow (This is 40, Girls, Funny People)

‘One of the best films ever made on the subject of stand-up comedy’ – Jacob S. Hall,

‘The funniest, most tender, thoughtful and downright brilliant comedy we’ve seen in years.’ – James Mullinger, GQ

‘I like this movie. More important, I like Mike Birbiglia.’ – Roger Ebert, Chicago SunTimes

‘Extremely funny’ – Liliana Greenfield-Sanders, Huffington Post

‘Grade: A. A charming odd-ball comedy.’ – Lisa Schwarzbaum, Entertainment Weekly

‘Consistently amusing.’ – Dennis Harvey, San Francisco Bay Guardian

A ‘charming gem set in the world of stand-up comedy, co-produced and co-scripted by This American Life’s Ira Glass’ – Zach Udko, Huffington Post

‘Laugh-out-loud funny and somewhat melancholic’. – New York Observer


In the Fog

FOUR STARS ‘Impressive…the film explores the thin line between courage and treachery…’ ‘…magnificent camerawork…’  David Stratton, At the Movies

FOUR STARS ‘The forest is the film’s world within a world.’  Sandra Hall, Sydney Morning Herald

FOUR STARS ‘I recommend it most warmly.’  Evan Williams, The Weekend Australian

FOUR STARS ‘Sergei Loznitsa captures one of life’s true paradoxes: those certain situations where to resist fate is to all but seal it.’   Leigh Paatsch, Herald Sun/Daily Telegraph

FOUR STARS ‘It’s a haunting story that … grips the conscience.’  Nick Dent, Sunday Telegraph/Sunday Herald Sun

‘a must see’  Jason di Rosso, ABC Radio National

FOUR STARS Peter Galvin, SBS Film

‘Strong, naturalistic performances power the film and the mix of formal and informal framing gives the film visual texture – decorated with superb use of light.’  Andrew Urban, Urban Cinefile

FOUR STARSIn the Fog is an intense, slow-burning and haunting drama.’   Peter Bradshaw, The Guardian

FOUR STARS In the Fog is a war movie that foregrounds the emotions of individuals over the spectacle of battle’ Geoff Andrew, Time Out

‘Loznitsa knows that war exists and won’t go away; rather than indulging in patriotic or pacifistic platitudes, he tries to show what it might do to our souls. And, in this writer’s opinion, he succeeds.’   Geoff Andrew, Time Out

‘a universal meditation on the human condition, with war as an allegory for life, and fog as a metaphor for mankind’s stumbling progress into the unknown. …it is ultimately worth the journey.’    Stephen Dalton, The Hollywood Reporter

‘a beautifully rigorous piece which will delight cineastes’  Fionnuala Halligan, Screen

‘In The Fog is a carefully-calibrated three-hander from Sergei Loznitsa, its slow, precise rhythms playing out to compelling effect.’  Fionnuala Halligan, Screen

this very Russian tragedy is a jewel which will surely only burnish with time.’   Fionnuala Halligan, Screen

‘Classical in a good way, In the Fog explores the moralities of wartime with restraint and exacting execution’   Leslie Felperin, Variety

‘a delicately complex work of shifting perspectives, and… a contemplation on narrative and the act of storytelling.’   Jonathan Romney, Sight & Sound

‘The film is extraordinarily acted’   Jonathan Romney, Sight & Sound

‘among the handful of truly eloquent and moving films here [at Cannes]’   Jonathan Romney, Sight & Sound


Love Story

5 STARSInstant classic’ – Peter Calder, New Zealand Herald

Love Story isn’t like any filmic romance you’ve ever seen’    ‘a street-level portrait of the people of New York’ – Nick Dent, Sunday Telegraph

a winning blend of soft-hearted cinematic romance and doco-style human insight’ – SBS Film

a truly singular experience’    ‘warm, witty, quirky, funny’    ‘Love Story is like a beautifully scented breath of fresh, cinematic air’ – FILMINK

funny, disarmingly charming’ – Adelaide Review

Marvellously original’  ‘Utterly enchanting’  ‘Uproariously funny’  ‘The line between reality and fiction has rarely been so delightfully blurred’   ‘Habicht emerges as the funniest and most lovable Kiwi to hit New York since Flight of the Conchords’ – Variety

The sweetest romance since Before Sunrise’ – Lauren Wissot, Filmmaker Magazine

It’s hard not to fall in love with the energy and humour on display.’ – Twitch

an absurdist rom-com, a flawless comic subversion; I’m not sure what Love Story is. Possibly genius.’ – Critic

So effectively has Habicht mashed fact with fiction, reality with fantasy, that he has virtually erased the lines of traditional cinema.’ – Lumiere Reader

‘Even Woody Allen couldn’t have done it better in his best times’

‘The Punk version of Amélie’ RIDM Montreal International Documentary Festival


You Will Be My Son (Tu Seras Mon Fils)

4 starsBrings to mind the rural French classic Jean de Florette’ – Nick Dent, Sunday Telegraph/Sunday Herald Sun

Engrossing and as taut as a thriller… great performances.’ – Andrew Urban, Urban Cinefile

This is a potent story about fathers and sons and filmmaker Gilles Legrand builds beautifully and devastatingly on this theme.’ – Louise Keller, Urban Cinefile

As effective as Sideways in inspiring the viewer to savour a bottle of fine wine’ – Film Emporium

Fermenting daddy issues prove a headier concoction than any vintage produced at a French chateau in this classy, full-bodied family drama’ – Variety

A deeply moving drama set in the ruthless world of wine, orchestrated around a father-son confrontation’ – Olivier Delcroix, Le Figaro (France)

A very good year!’ – Execessif (France)

A great vintage3 out of 4 stars – Le Figaro (France)

One of the finest films of French Cinema’ – Pariscope (France)

Gilles Legrand beautifully portrays the scenic beauty and light of Bordeaux’ – La Croix (France)


Le Havre

4 1/2 STARS – David Stratton, At the Movies

4 STARS – Margaret Pomeranz, At the Movies

‘It embraces you, and you want to hug back‘ – Margaret Pomeranz, At the Movies

4 STARS – Jake Wilson, The Age

4 STARS – Paul Byrnes, Sydney Morning Herald

4 STARS – Who Weekly

4 STARS – Simon Miraudo, Quickflix

A must-see’  ‘winning charm…warm and funny’ – Colin Fraser, FILMINK

You just feel like applauding when, out of the blue, along comes a film brimming with humanity.’ – John Bale, The Blurb magazine

‘Pure pleasure’ – The Hollywood Reporter

‘New Kaurismäki is a cracker…superbly staged and composed and boasting a marvellous cast’ – Screen International

‘A shining French-language gem’ – Screen International

A total treat…Le Havre is a joy’ – Jonathan Romney, The Independent on Sunday

An intensely loveable film’ – Peter Bradshow, The Guardian

‘I loved Aki Kaurismäki’s Le Havre…a kind of faux-naif enchantment, a magical madness, the screen equivalent of a Chagall painting’ – Nigel Andrews, Financial Times

4 STARS ‘(Le Havre) has immense, minor-key charm, and Kaurismäki’s understated deadpan wit is never far from the surface.’ – The Telegraph (UK)

‘With its bouncy soundtrack, deadpan humour and good-natured disposition, Finnish director Aki Kaurismäki’s Le Havre is an endearing affair. A-‘ – Indiewire

“Buster Keaton isn’t dead, he’s alive and well in Finland … If the name Aki Kaurismäki doesn’t mean anything to you, it should, and Le Havre may be the film to make it happen.”
- Kenneth Turan, The Los Angeles Times

‘A small, perfect, pointedly optimistic story’ – Entertainment Weekly

‘The beauty of Kaurismäki’s films lies in their ethics; each is a paean to humanity, the need to connect with the other, and to be kind. And in this film, the whole village pulls together, like chords in a lyrical song’ – The Huffington Post


This is Not a Film

4 stars – David Stratton, At the Movies

A refreshing and intrinsically beautiful film’ – David Stratton, At the Movies

4 stars – Margaret Pomeranz, At the Movies

Highly recommended’ – Julie Rigg, Movietime, ABC Radio National

4 ½ stars – Jake Wilson, The Saturday Age

An inspiring demonstration of what is meant by grace under pressure’ – Jake Wilson, The Saturday Age

4 ½ stars – Craig Mathieson, SBS Film

A transcendent experience’– Craig Mathieson, SBS Film

It’s hard to think of a more powerfully uplifting and resonant finale in a film released this year.’ – Craig Mathieson, SBS Film

A heartfelt act of defiance’– Craig Mathieson, SBS Film

4 stars– David Stratton, The Weekend Australian

Mandatory viewing for any number of reasons, not least because it’s the latest, and seemingly the last for a time, work of a major director, but also because it’s a reminder that some artists risk everything to get their message out to a wider world’ – David Stratton, The Weekend Australian

4 stars – Sandra Hall, Sydney Morning Herald

A brave and eloquent call for help’ – Sandra Hall, Sydney Morning Herald

4 stars– Tom Ryan, The Sunday Age

A masterpiece of allusion’ – Tom Ryan, The Sunday Age

Brave – Tom Ryan, The Sunday Age

4 stars– Nick Dent, Sunday Telegraph

Moving and poetic’ – Nick Dent, Sunday Telegraph

4 stars– Rose Capp, The

[This is Not a Film] shows just why Panahi is regarded as one of the most influential directors working today’ – Rose Capp, The

4 stars– Sarah Ward, ArtsHub

Complex, compelling, haunting and honest…an engaging, insightful and intellectual viewing experience’ – Sarah Ward, ArtsHub

Simple, radical, surprising, moving‘ – The New York Times

‘Fantastically entertaining’ – The Guardian

As immediate as a heart attack, this 75 minute documentary [is] a terrifying cry for expression from one of the most daring and political filmmakers alive.’ – San Francisco Bay Guardian

‘Exemplary, intelligent, amusing and insolent’ The Guardian

Breathtakingly cinematic, a cannily crafted verite crackling with immediacy. As much as it’s a political statement, an act of defiance, a master class in one auteur’s body of work and process, and a document of a life unseen, it’s also, maybe most miraculously, a never-a-dull-moment entertainment.’ – LA WEEKLY

Cannes review: Jafar Panahi Turns Censorship Into Art with Stunning This is Not a Film; criticWIRE grade: A – IndieWire

‘Remarkable, one of the triumphs of the year’Filmmaker Magazine

The film of the [Cannes Film] festival of 2011…[Panahi and Mirtahmasb], using the barest means but inspired by their art, their passion, and their existence in the world, have crafted one of cinema’s rare masterpieces of truth.’- MUBI

Poignant and explosive‘ – Variety

Panahi’s day of filming falls on Fireworks Wednesday, which marks the Persian New Year — a holiday that makes innocuous law-breakers of many, at least according to a news report Panahi watches, in which the president decrees fireworks illegal. Standing at his balcony, filming the revelry with his iPhone, he seems to be saying that directing is more defiant an act than lighting a firecracker or two. Truth be told, Panahi’s poignant “Film” is infinitely more explosive.’ – Variety

By far the most powerful and moving film screened at Cannes.- Daily Beast

This is Not a Film is built from nothing, and yet every moment has a powerful urgency to it.’ – BFI/Sight & Sound

‘This Is Not a Film is an unusual documentary that gives viewers a clear feeling for the director’s life trapped inside the gilded cage of his luxurious Teheran apartment, his frustration at not being able to express himself artistically, and the courage and humour with which he faces an uncertain future.’ - The Hollywood Reporter

‘…the amazing closing shot brings the volatility of post-Green Revolution Iran home with unforgettable force.’ – AV Club

‘…a filmed letter, addressed in despair of the cause, but with devastating humour, to the wide world’ – Le Monde

The sequence where Panahi reads a page from a scene is admirable and rises to the level of pure cinema, but we hear in the tone of his voice that it makes him sad. Combative, but sad. This is an infernal, Dadaist situation. This is Iran in 2011.’ – Libération

Arguably the best film we saw over the weekend, however, was Iranian filmmaker Jafar Panahi’s This Is Not a Film… a fascinating study of a man banned from pursuing his craft, and a political statement aimed at provoking the repressive Iranian government. A brilliant film that will, sadly, probably land Panahi a few extra years of prison time.’ – Media Bistro, Fish Bowl LA


The Round Up (La Rafle)

4 STARS Sandra Hall, Sydney Morning Herald

4 STARS Empire

4 STARS Who Weekly

Beautifully produced and ultimately moving’ David Stratton, At The Movies

‘Jean Reno and Mélanie Laurent’s performances are faultless’ Andrew Urban, Urban Cinefile

‘A good film, this, that doesn’t flinch in its portrayal of brutal history, with a solid cast including Jean Reno and Melanie Laurent.’ Jason di Rosso, ABC Radio National

‘This despicable real-life event remains relatively unpublicised, instantly validating Bosch’s tribute…with appealing French stars Jean Reno, Mélanie Laurent and Gad Elmaleh in key roles’ Ben McEachen, Sunday Herald Sun

Powerful’ Sunday Telegraph

‘Seen by more than 3 million people in France’ (Montreal Gazette)

‘This ambitious period drama boasts a prestige cast…strong performances from both Mélanie Laurent and Jean Reno’ ScreenDaily

‘Rose Bosch’s The Round Up is a polished, pathos-driven re-creation of the Vichy regime’s mass imprisonment and disposal of 13,000 Parisian Jews in summer 1942. With impeccable production values and all-around stirring performances…’ Variety

‘The director, Rose Bosch…said she felt the film had to be made to shed light on one of the most sensitive chapters in wartime France.‘  The Guardian (UK)’

To understand modern France, you really must see La Rafle’ The Independent (UK)


Kiss Me Again (Baciami Ancora)

4 STARS Tom Ryan, The Sunday Age

‘Mesmerising cinemas…[with] a wonderful ensemble cast’ Louise Keller, Urban Cinefile

‘An intelligent and emotionally resonant drama’ Julian Wood, Filmink

‘Fans of The Last Kiss will welcome this opportunity to check in with the gang once again…solid performances’ Simon Jones, Empire

TOP PICK ‘Engaging’ Myke Bartlett, The Weekly Review

Kiss Me Again is a rewarding ensemble piece…the cast is uniformly terrific, particularly the charismatic Accorsi, empathetic Santamaria and beautiful Puccini’ The Reel Bits

Kiss Me Again is thoughtful, intelligent and entertaining’ The Reel Bits



4 STARS “A complex central performance illuminates this gentle character study. Huppert’s performance is rich, nuanced, internal and very natural… superb actress” Paul Byrnes, Sydney Morning Herald

“The age-defiant Isabelle Huppert shines in this soufflé-light French comedy” Jim Schembri, The Age

“Impossible to tear your eyes from Huppert, who imbues her character with so much intelligence and sharp humour… gives a genuine gravitas” Mark Naglazas, The West Australian

“Entertaining comedy… Huppert reminds us what a deft comic actor she can be” Philippa Hawker, The Age

“Huppert gives a sharp comic performance as a free-spirited figure who decides to remake herself when her much straighter daughter decides to get married” Philippa Hawker, The Age

“A feel-good affair. Terrific performances” David Stratton, The Australian

“Huppert’s delicious performance is in a strikingly new register… adds a glorious new side to the Huppert screen persona” Lynden Barber, The Australian

“The always-amazing Isabelle Huppert… is nothing short of brilliant. A character piece in the best sense… surprising and delightful” Ain’t It Cool News

“A very good film. Recommended” Julie Rigg, ABC Radio National
“An emotionally intelligent film” Jason Di Rosso, ABC Radio National

“Delightful. Guaranteed good time” Des Partridge

“A characteristically uncompromising performance by Huppert… endlessly fascinating” Tom Ryan, Sunday Age

“Played with an abudance of understanding by a vibrant and defiant Huppert” Andiee Paviour, WHO

“In a quietly comic drama, Huppert delivers a rich portrait of a colourful and compassionate woman facing a crisis” Garry Maddox, Sydney Morning Herald

“A stunning comic creation” Filmink

“Very funny and very smart” Peter Galvin, SBS

“An extremely charming and sweet film, pleasingly revealing yet another side to the chameleon-like Isabelle Huppert” Thomas Caldwell, Cinema Autopsy

“I came out of this film feeling really great. An extraordinary actor” Thomas Caldwell, RRR

“Both hilariously funny and incredibly engaging. This year’s finest feel-good film” Tara Judah, The Big Issue

“The luminous Huppert takes centre stage with an ebullient performance… fun, affirming and supremely joyful” Alice Tynan, Concrete Playground

“Wonderful Huppert… a quirky feel-good comedy” Empire

“Huppert’s effervescent performance… the scenes with her daughter Lolita Chammah have a special resonance” The Blurb

4 STARS “A delight, notable primarily for the vivacious, frequently very funny lead performance by Isabelle Huppert” Time Out London

“Huppert delights as a middle-aged hippie who must take a boring job in order to pay for the wedding of her mainstream daughter” New York Post

“A charming and honest comedy with a masterful performance by Isabelle Huppert” San Francisco Bay Guardian

“Hilarious. Huppert is hugely believable” Variety

Huppert and Chammah make a strong mother-daughter team, accomplices who have pulled off a coup” New York Times

“A delight. Gently comic in tone, Marc Fitoussi has created a whole cast of well-rounded dramatic characters with light and shade. May well lend itself to an English-language remake” The Telegraph

“Huppert’s performance is another triumph of acting, for this muse of Chabrol who can move us to smile and cry in a single shot” Vogue

4 STARS “We laughed uproariously” Liberation

5 STARS “A jubilant comedy” Metro

“Extremely funny. Huppert illuminates the film. A comedy with a touch of rebelliousness, both enthusiastic and fresh. Dazzling colours” La Tribune

4 STARS “People are talking a lot about Marc Fitoussi’s “Copacabana”. Should be one of this summer’s hits” Le Parisien

“A refreshing and optimistic comedy in which the great Isabelle Huppert plays a balancing act with gusto. She demonstrates once again that she is the best” Paris Match

“A virtuoso performance” La-Croix

“At once funny, sharp and moving, as enchanting as a Brazilian samba” Le Journal Du Dimanche

5 STARS “A total success, which fills us with happiness. Isabelle Huppert confirms her immense talent. One cannot recommend this small jewel enough” Excessif

“Huppert lights up this bittersweet comedy” France Soir

“We had forgotten that Huppert could make us laugh. She demonstrates it with a bang in this lovely film” Les Echos

“A feel good movie in the French style” Glamour


Summer Coda

‘A genuinely moving experience… rich love story… strong central performances’ David Stratton, The Australian

‘Beautifully acted and surprisingly touching’ David Stratton, At The Movies

‘At last, an uplifting Australian film that washes over the senses… a breezy breath of fresh air that sings of sunny abandon and the plenitude of youth’ Ross Purdie, AAP

4 STARS ‘Dimitriades gives his best performance in years’ – Canberra Times

‘Cast is brilliant, the leads are gorgeous, wonderful acting…a fantastic Australian film’ – Dylan Lewis, Nova 100

‘Handsome romantic drama’ Tom Ryan, The Age Melbourne Magazine

4 STARS ‘A well-written, restrained and sophisticated drama… it is Dimitriades who really impresses’ Rose Capp, Melbourne City Weekly

‘A satisfying and emotionally rich experience… Taylor’s nuanced portrayal is superb. Dimiatrides is also excellent… a rich viewing experience’ Brisbane News

‘Exudes a considerable sensual power’ Jason Di Rosso, ABC Radio National

‘Elegantly filmed. There’s a careful confidence in Gray’s treatment of his material, and Taylor and Dimitriades give well-judged, appealing performances’ Philippa Hawker, The Age

‘One of the most beautiful films you’ll watch this spring’ MX

‘A great ensemble cast, gorgeous sweeping scenery and a genuinely interesting, original and fresh plot’ Giles Hardie, Fairfax Digital

‘The bucolic rhythms of life in the orange grove have a lot of allure. It’s Eden on the Murray and if you sit back and let its glories wash over you, you’ll find a lot here to like’ Sandra Hall, Sydney Morning Herald

‘A lovely film… everything about this is bang-on… it’ll definitely put a spring in your step. Well worth a look’ Richard Wilkins, Today

‘Absolutely stunning… extremely strong performances’ RRR

‘Reminiscent of Terrance Malik’s masterpiece Days of Heaven…and the films of Bernado Bertolucci’ – Cinema Autopsy

‘Taylor and Dimitriades are fantastic’ Sunday Herald Sun

‘Dimitriades puts in a wonderful performance’ Movie Juice

‘An utterly beautiful, brilliant film… it feels like something new’ Ain’t It Cool News

‘Superb performances from a dream cast’ Filmink

‘A beautiful Australian film with heart’ Donna Demaio, 3AW

‘Visually rich. Depends on the intensity and intelligent beauty of Taylor… she is excellent’ Screen International

‘A feel-good, sundrenched summer romance’ Broadsheet

‘It must be stated just how gorgeous Summer Coda is… delicately handled, exquisite to look at and charmingly acted’ Trespass Magazine

‘An impressive debut.  A sensory film experience… A brilliant and vibrant supporting cast’ In Film

‘Cinematically the film is stunning… stellar acting from the lead and supporting cast’ MovieFix

‘A graceful piece… beautifully shot. Richard Gray announces himself here as a talent to be watched, encouraging winning performances from an impressive cast and making strong use of music and visuals’ The Weekly Review

‘Transformed: Rachael Taylor’s stunning turn in Summer Coda‘ in The Age


Mademoiselle Chambon

Watch this wonderful review of Mademoiselle Chambon by the former Mayor of New York, Edward Koch.

Exquisite‘ 4 stars – Margaret Pomeranz, At the Movies

‘beautifully observed Brief Encounter-like film’ 4 stars – Tom Ryan, The Sunday Age

Read Philippa Hawker’s insightful interview with Mademoiselle Chambon filmmaker Stéphane Brizé and star Sandrine Kiberlain.

The acting is exceptional…a treasure’ – Peter Crayford, Weekend Australian Financial Review

Evan Williams reviews Mademoiselle Chambon in The Australian: ‘a beautiful new film from France’.

‘This small, nearly perfect film is a reminder that personal upheavals are as consequential in people’s lives as shattering world events.’ New York Times

‘Think of it as a latter-day “Brief Encounter,” another repressed romantic classic with lots of classical music on the soundtrack.’ The Hollywood Reporter

‘…it’s the sort of slow-burn romantic drama that asks its actors to bear the emotional brunt of the film—and its leads deliver.’ Time Out New York

Every gesture is meaningful, every glance’ – Julie Rigg, Radio National

so much of the appeal of Mademoiselle Chambon lies in what is not said but communicated in a character’s gesture and facial expression, all conveyed with supreme assurance by the film’s lead actors. See it and weep.’ 4.5 stars Rose Capp, Melbourne Weekly

Writer-director Stéphane Brizé’s intimate study of how builder Jean (man’s man Vincent Lindon) and single school-teacher Veronique (delicate Sandrine Kiberlain) discover a bond between them, as if by accident, behaves in an opposite fashion to most films about affairs’ – Ben McEachen, Sunday Herald Sun

‘It’s a simple, yet complicated story… during which you might even squeeze out a tear.’ 3 ½ stars – Anna Brain, MX

‘…here comes a reminder that a simply story of the human heart, told brilliantly, can be the most absorbing thrill ride of all’ – Julian Shaw, FILMINK

“A beautifully observed film, this is a moving tale about characters bound together by a shared sense of separateness and uncertainty.” ­ The Age (Melbourne) magazine

‘Absolutely brilliant, subtle, intelligent, moving and cinematic’ – Daniele Kemp, SBS Radio (French Language Program)

‘Stéphane Brizé has adapted Eric Holder’s novel with great subtlety and sublime understanding of the importance of timing. Much like music notation that relies on tempos as well as melodies, crescendos and accelerandos, Brizé conducts his film as he would a beautiful piece of music.’ – Louise Keller, Urban Cinefile

The performances in the film are excellent. Brizé has cast two of France’s finest actors with Vincent Lindon (Welcome) as Jean and Sandrine Kiberlain (Little Nicholas) as Véronique.’ – Thomas Caldwell, The Breakfasters on RRR and Cinema Autopsy

‘Beautifully subtle, this is the quiet story of an impossible love between a married man…and his son’s teacher.’ ‘Lindon and Kiberlain give flawless performances’ 4 stars – Empire

4 stars – Lynden Barber, Limelight magazine
‘Mademoiselle Chambon delights in small details’ 3 ½ stars Carly Millar, The Big Issue

I found myself engrossed in the subtlety of these characters’ sad story and impressed by the film’s strong visual appeal and pitch-perfect feel’ 3 ½ stars – Sharon Hurst, 3CR and Cinephilia

Poignant without wallowing in angst, Mademoiselle Chambon is a master class in subtlety and restraint, in a beautifully drawn portrait of love and liability’ – Alice Tynan, Concrete Playground

‘Mademoiselle Chambon is a wonderfully accurate slice of life about ordinary people which… will deeply move you’ – John Bale, The Blurb

For lovers of sophisticated, intelligent and subtle French dramas, Mademoiselle Chambon is a real treat’ – Greg King,

I loved the quietness of it, the unspoken tension, and the simple storyline, that is anything but simple for the characters involved’ 4 stars – Alicia Malone, What’s Playing

‘Beautifully subtle’ 4 stars – Sarah Sanders, Citysearch Melbourne

FILMINK’s  ‘must-see recommendation’ of the Alliance Française French Film Festival 2010